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Who We Are?

GRYFFINDOR – Digital Marketing Institute and Agency, is one of the very few Digital Marketing Institutes that provides “100% Practical Digital Marketing” training in India. It’s a young organization that aims to bridge the huge gap that exists between the industry’s digital training needs and the availability of trained talent by offering hands-on training programs and certifications.

Gryffindor Academy provides you maximum opportunities to earn high erudition which assists you to mould a considerable career in Digital Marketing. The online/Internet marketing industry will be a child’s play when you have completed our industry ready digital marketing course. Our central idea is to cover all the minute changes that are going on in all the branches of Digital Marketing so that we can cope up with the latest digital marketing trends. Therefore acquiring a certificate in any field of Digital marketing program such as (SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics, etc) will give a smooth push to your professional Digital Marketing career.

Gryffindor Academy is the best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi NCR. Here you get the 100% practical and the best digital marketing course that makes you job ready and we are getting the positive result since the establishment of our institute. From this institute, more than 100+ candidates have found their way with a strong career in Digital Marketing Domain.

This institute has all the required latest technical SEO/Marketing tools that the students will need during the course period; these tools are useful not only for the practical classes but also beneficial for the lecture classes too. This makes us way different than others as no other digital marketing institute gives hands-on practical training on paid premium tools like Alexa, Ubersuggest, Semrush, Woorank, Moz, ahrefs, etc. In addition to this our weekly backup/doubt classes method makes it easy to cover the missing lessons for those who are not able to get admitted at the beginning of the course or have to miss the class due to any reason.

Nevertheless, whether you are a housewife, a businessman, a student, or a job-seeker anyone can enroll in our digital marketing course even if they belong to a different work routine. But for those who are the students, currently this program is just perfect for them because being a fresher they require such courses which enhance their potentials and provide them the latest knowledge of the Digital Marketing Industry.

Our target is to ensure the highest quality in modern education at a very economical rate.

What Makes Gryffindor Academy So Special?

Gryffindor Academy was launched by experienced professionals from Digital Marketing Industry. Digital marketing changes everything, it can take your business to new heights and skyrocket your profits. Staying relevant in the Digital Marketing Industry may be the biggest professional challenge of the 21st Century. The Gryffindor Academy helps marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, career changers, graduates and upskilled to get in the digital marketing game – and stay in it, FOREVER!
Our online digital marketing course teaches new best practices. They are crafted by industry leaders and aligned with industry needs to make you job-ready. We bring you the best digital smarts from this exciting edge of change – in fact, we are the change. Our course is one of the most practical digital marketing courses available online. We at Gryffindor Academy make sure that you don’t lag behind so our course designers have included paid tools like aHrefs, Semrush, Alexa, UberSuggest, Woorank, etc in the course itself – ALL FOR FREE! We give you a full set of digital powers to create strategic and powerful business including a hands-on experience on paid marketing tools that we believe is very rare to find in an online course. We proudly say that what we offer is way more than ‘traditional’ digital marketing course and skills.
When you sign up for a course, you also become a Member of the Gryffindor Academy which means you become part of the Gryffindor family for eternity. We also give ‘Gryffindorians’ the opportunity to intern with us and our partners that help them stay in the Digital Marketing game.

Why Study Digital Marketing at Gryffindor Academy?

"We never believe in boasting, we let our work speak!"
While others are motivated by heavy pockets, we at Gryffindor always choose excellency and our records explain the same glorious story. We don't just train #GRYFFINDORIANS we take them as responsibility and organize regular doubt clearing and mentoring sessions.

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Let Your Career Growth Go Viral!

Digital Marketing is an obvious pathway to make massive money. Whether you're a student, a job aspirant, a professional, a business owner, or an ambitious dreamer, Digital Marketing will pave a way for you to make your dreams turn into reality.
We at Gryffindor Academy help you ace the Digital World with the Most Practical Industry Ready Digital Marketing Course!

Our Mission

To impart skill-based digital marketing training to
people & enable them to be self-employed or get placed
in top organizations and kickstart their career.

Our Vision

With the exposure to the most recent technologies and
tools, we want to help the students to move a step
ahead in digital marketing with our next generation
curriculum and teaching methods.

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Highlights of Our Teaching Methodology

We at Gryffindor Academy follow a modern and efficient Teaching Methodology that develops an in-depth understanding of the core concepts and being a practical Industry Ready Digital Marketing Course. We keep the students motivated through goodies & gifts based on the performance in the assigned tasks and projects!

Updated Theory

Our course is designed for the students of today by industry experts.

100% Practical

Our Digital Marketing Course is 100% Practical. Thus, it helps in better understanding.

Innovative Projects

Through the course, several projects & tasks are assigned to the students to keep them engaged.

Marketing Mentorship

Mentorship Sessions with market leaders are organized from time to time to keep the students motivated.

Interview Mocks & Hacks

Our trainers pay specific attention to your interview preparations & organise webinars & mock interviews.

Exclusive Gifts

Exclusive gifts & goodies are provided to the students based on the performance on the task/project assigned.


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The business cerrent account that is your accounting software. A simple way to run your bussiness.

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