Data analytics is the field of research that transforms raw data into insights. The study of data previously fell to mathematicians and statisticians but now relies on automated processes. In turn, data analysts need to be familiar with the algorithms that make up the core of the profession and how to apply them to different data sets.

The importance of data analytics in digital marketing stems from the ability to pinpoint the information that observers would otherwise miss. At its heart, data analytics is the ability to spot patterns. Current methods of digital marketing utilize big data — massive collections of information from multiple sources. Data analytics processes this data to provide a company with actionable insights.

Target marketing is an example of how analytics informs a company’s decision-making. By developing rich, informative content that appeals to the core values of its target consumer group, a business can start building a community. As each user visits the content, the company gleans information about the user. It can then develop profiles that encompass all of the members of its community, allowing it to improve its advertising.

Additionally, by collecting data about products that are the same as or similar to a business’s product, the company can adjust its pricing to be more competitive. For massive markets, having access to this data enables companies to formulate better sales strategies. Furthermore, lower pricing can attract potential customers who were previously loyal to another brand.

The field of data analytics is growing rapidly, with companies recognizing the importance of utilizing technological innovations to drive marketing. In the past, marketing was about hitting as many people with the company’s message as it could and hoping it impacted some of them enough to close a sale. Today’s marketing is more streamlined thanks to data analytics. The business only sends its marketing message to the customers most likely to buy. 

The following trends in data analysis are likely to continue:

  •  Increased Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  •  Increased Cloud Adoption
  • Focus on Customer Experience 
  • Social Media Marketing

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