Keyword research helps to gain an understanding of what the target audience is currently searching on search engines like Google or Bing. Obviously, the top results in every search are the ones most likely to be clicked on so every time the target audience searches a query, one should aim to be the first in line to answer. It is thought that around 75% of internet users never even look past the first page of search results, so it’s important to ensure the content is as relevant and helpful as possible so the search engines rank it highly and he/she can be seen immediately, preferably in the top 3 if at all possible.

Keyword research involves analysing, comparing and prioritising keyword opportunities as well as discovering the language the audience is using to find the helpful information they’re looking for.

There are so many reasons why keyword research should be at the forefront of a digital marketing campaign. Here are some of the most crucial reasons why:

Knowing the keywords helps to understand the brand and business.

Keyword research can tell vital information, such as what is ranked for keywords, which keywords are easy to rank for and which keywords the competitors are ranking for.

Keyword research can tell about what people are searching for, rather than what is thought they are searching for.

Search engines can only rank the website if they know what your business is. Targeting keywords on different pages of your website means Google can then rank the company and website for those keywords.

Identifying keywords to use in blogs and outreach can drive traffic to the website.

Keyword research is the starting point for any digital marketing campaign, but it should be an ongoing process. One should frequently check the keywords and find out how they are ranking compared to the competitors.

After the keyword research, create content and pages focused on those keywords. Combined with various other SEO strategies, this can help to rank and get people to find the website.