A live project comprises the negotiation of a brief, timescale, budget and product between an educational organisation and an external collaborator for their mutual benefit. The project must be structured to ensure that students gain learning that is relevant to their educational development.

It is kind of a short version of internships.

 It is beneficial as while students are studying, they can take up ongoing projects in different companies and gain experience. These projects provide hands-on practical knowledge, and the opportunity to experience the real-life scenario of working in an industry with a well-defined deadline.
These projects act as a platform where students get an opportunity of networking, leverage opportunities, and develop a connection with the right people through industry interactions.

Students can channelize their energies and ideas in the right direction by working with experienced minds and industry stalwarts. It helps students step up their performance and prepare themselves for the challenges and opportunities of the corporate world.
The main objective of live projects is to enhance the knowledge base of students and to improve their communication, logical, analytical and stakeholder management skills.
Companies like Amazon India, Peacock solar, Big Bazar, etc. regularly provide such live projects to our students at DSPSR.

It plays an important role in student life because

  1. It familiarizes them with the working environment by making them accustomed to the corporate standards and working environment which eases them with the surroundings
  2. It gets students proper on the job training for their future job opportunities.
  3. It boosts the confidence of the students who were unfamiliar with the work environment.
  4. It teaches them the strength and importance of teamwork.
  5. It improves leadership quality as it works as a catalyst to fasten the learning process. Sustaining in the work environment, students will learn a lot before emerging out as skilled professionals.

Preparing students effectively for their career ahead, live projects act as pre-placement training. Benefiting the students, in the long run, most of the colleges and universities have assigned them as a mandatory subject often awarding points for it. Analysing the current industrial scenario, where practical knowledge holds so much importance, they have emerged out as one of the holistic solutions. Developing the personality of the students by moulding them into prompt professionals, these projects should be a compulsory curriculum rather than just an option.